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Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox

Story with Instructional Song


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Illustrator Donna Marie Naval
Genres Children's
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Have you heard about the Rabbit and the very hungry Fox? For generations, this endearing old world mnemonic* was passed from father to son by word of mouth only.

Now, this clever memory jogger has been revived as “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox”, a cute, beautifully illustrated story with a lively instructional song. This story book offers a fun and simple lesson for tying a “school boy knot” in a tie.

It is a family activity book meant to make it fun for parents to teach their children the most popular method for tying a tie. It is so easy, in fact, that a very young child can quickly master it. Just grab a tie for each person to follow along with the story and the step by step illustrations. Soon, everyone will be have a perfectly tied necktie. Then, try singing the song as you practice your new skill. You won’t be able to forget the skill or the song!

Currently available in English, Spanish and Tagalog (Philippino).  Accompanying song can be heard in all 3 languages at Sybrina.com.  Will be available in Hanzi (Simplified Chinese) soon.

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