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Rebel Puritan (The Scandalous Series)

Rebel Puritan (The Scandalous Series)
B.R.A.G Medallion Honeree

Book Description

Scarlett O'Hara meets The Scarlet Letter: 

Rebel Puritan is based on the true-life escapades of Herodias (Long) Hicks, one of New England's most notorious women.  Like Scarlett O'Hara, Herodias was married far too young to a man whom she did not love.  And like The Scarlet Letter, Rebel Puritan explores the limited rights of women in a restrictive society, seen through the eyes of a thirteen-year old girl trapped in an abusive marriage.

When her family casts off Puritan repression in Massachusetts to settle in Rhode Island, the newly-founded haven of liberty, Herodias thinks she has found freedom at last.  However, the child-bride still lives in a world ruled by men, where she has few rights, and her children and inheritance belong to her husband.  It is far easier to marry the wrong man than to be freed from him, and Herodias learns that her troubles have just begun.

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